Asphalt Pavement and Concrete Finishing

Various Project Types

  • Concrete driveway
  • Concrete footings - survey, set building lines, lay foundation

Exterior Masonry

Areal lifts combined with our mortar mixers offer us the ability to complete your exterior project efficiently and at the highest level of quality. Using this method, you don't need to use scaffolding and you don't need to worry about material because you just raise and lower the boom as needed.
For Stucco, Dryvit or other EIFS brands, we will use an airless paint sprayer to apply the surface in a nice, even manor. A variety of different colors and textures are available. The textures could be smooth, knockdown, or stipple. It's your choice and we will consult with you to show you your options.



A new driveway is not just a strip of asphalt connecting the street to your garage. With its sharply defined edges and rich black color it is a thing of beauty, giving your home tremendous curb appeal, and significantly increasing the value of your property. A new parking lot, thoughtfully designed, skillfully installed, and clearly marked, makes an enormous statement to your customers and visitors about the pride you take in your work and your attention to detail.

Justin R. Barbera is the paving contractor of choice for residents, business owners and property managers in Southern NJ.

Whatever your paving needs might be, from commercial to residential, concrete or asphalt, steps, stoops, sidewalks, patios, driveways or parking lots, repair, or patch - we have the equipment, experience and expertise to do your job at a very affordable price, and make you say “WOW.”

We specialize in the tear out and replacement of concrete patios, driveways, sidewalks and steps. Replacement options for pavement surfaces include cast in place concrete, hand placed concrete paving stone, natural stone, or stamped concrete.

If you are considering any type of paving work at your home, business or other property no matter how large or small we would love share our knowledge and experience with you, and provide a free estimate. Just give us a call to schedule a free consultation - it will be one of the best calls you ever make!


Retaining Walls

A long sloping yard may look pretty, but it isnít very practical. Justin R. Barbera will professionally grade and install retaining walls that are both beautiful and functional, stabilizing soil, and preventing erosion while enhancing the look of your landscape.

Your personal reasons for wanting a retaining wall may be quite practical or purely for the esthetic appeal. From keeping your driveway clear of encroaching grass, to leveling a sloping backyard, or tastefully hiding an air conditioning compressor, a retaining wall is a versatile option. Justin R. Barbera has constructed retaining walls of all sizes. We have completed projects such as front yard planters to terraced walls in communities with extremely irregular terrain. It is imperative to have your retaining wall installed properly to ensure safety and strength. We know exactly how to install so your wall will remain straight and level and will have the proper drainage system. After our clean-up crew leaves your home you will have a structurally sound and esthetically gorgeous retaining wall.

Justin R. Barbera can help homeowners with their retaining walls and replacing existing retaining walls. We can build all types of retaining walls including modular blocks walls, boulders, natural stone, large scale precast retaining wall units, poured concrete walls, or wood timbers.



Traditional stucco is a cement mixture used for siding. The cement is combined with water and inert materials such as sand and lime. Usually, wooden walls are covered with tar paper and chicken wire or galvanized metal screening. This framework is then covered with the stucco mixture. Sometimes, the cement mix is applied directly to specially prepared masonry surfaces.

The Advantage of Stucco Siding for your Home

  • Makes homes comfortable by reducing air infiltration
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Barrier to termites, insects, and vermin
  • Can be redecorated in any color
  • Lasts the life of a building and makes it worth more
  • Easy to maintain - cuts maintenance costs
  • Easy to repair in case of impact damage
  • Can be applied to conform to any shape or design
  • Creates an ambience that gives a home personality
  • Just looks better than any other exterior
  • A stucco exterior is the ultimate - no surface to burn, no smoke to develop, no hazards
  • Easy to clean with water, brush, and mild detergent
  • Offers security and protects your home's interiors from the weather
  • Hail proof

Justin R. Barbera has been providing stucco services for three generations. We use only quality products, and our work has pleased literally hundreds of families and we can make you happy too.



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