Tree Lighting

Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is normally the only way to insulate existing, closed-up walls. Blown-in insulation will provide an option not to open up previously closed walls. It is extremely effective due to its prevention of air movement, providing you an effective insulation method.

Chimney Sweep

Performs maintenance of wood-burning fireplace and appliance venting systems to include venting for many types of heating appliances. Venting systems for Heating Oil,natural gas, wood and pellet burning appliances, including building furnaces and space heaters are maintained by modern chimney sweeps. The standard chimney brush is still used, along with more modern tools (such as vacuums, cameras and special chimney cleaning tools), although most sweeps are done from the bottom of the chimney, rather than the top, to prevent the dispersion of dust and debris.


Tree Plantings

While planting a tree may seem like a simple and basic task, it actually takes careful consideration and planning. By coming to Justin R. Barbera, you can save yourself a great deal of stress and problems. It is a very effective way to beautify your property, add value to your property and add, most important, privacy.


Fiber Roof Coating

Roof coating is a layer of protection for the membrane of your roof, providing protection against the UV rays of sunlight, rain, hail and even physical damage. It is applied to your roof using a roller, brush or spray and the application choice will be decided by the type of your roof and the size of the job. By using roof coating you can greatly extend the useful life of your roof.

The best option for a flat as well as a sloped roof, is the aluminum roof coating. It possesses a lot of strength and has high durability. There are two types of aluminum roof coating: one is aluminum fiber roof coating and the other is the aluminum non fiber roof coating. Aluminum roof coating consists of aluminum paste, oxidized asphalt, solvent and it may or may not contain fiber. The quantity of aluminum paste present in the roof coating often varies from one product to another. A roof coating that contains higher amounts of aluminum content will last for a longer period of time.

Driveway Seal Coating

Sealing your driveway twill protect the surface from the elements, add elasticity, restore the color, protect against oil spots and staining, and it even makes your driveway smoother by filling all the pores & cracks. Getting a new driveway paved is a large task, but seal coating it for protection is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and money.

Seal coating will add the “new” look while protecting your asphalt paving from climate effects and other environmental damages. Seal coating should be done every 5 years; however, this is dependent upon how much the driveway is used.

Commercial Insulation

Recent studies have found that over a third of new homes have lower levels of insulation installed than specified by code, and an additional fifth have serious installation problems that will result in significantly decreased effectiveness of the insulation. Also, virtually all of the homes studied were found to have numerous insulation installation defects that reduce the performance of the insulation well below its rated R-value. All of these can lead to defect litigation. These cost-effective procedures will improve comfort, reduce energy use, and reduce potential defect liability exposure.

Snow Removal

Snow can be extremely hazardous when not removed. As cars drive and people walk upon the snow it can turn to very dangerous ice that can result in accidents and injuries. Getting your snow removed does not have to be a big expense or even manual labor.
Ever winter Justin R. Barbera get the trucks prepared and offer an inexpensive and regular snow removal service. We can come to your premises and keep your parking lots and other areas clear of the snow whether morning, day or night you can count on us.