Recently Justin and his team have put in new windows at our house and we are more than satisfied not only with our new energy efficient windows (brand recommended by Justin) but also with Justin's quality of work. His team worked quickly and efficiently, arriving on time and staying late to finish the job by our tight deadline. The quality of work and details that they put in with painting around the windows and replacing them is impeccable. In addition, his crew would clean up as they progressed their work, leaving the house clean. I would highly recommend Justin! – Dora, Princeton, NJ


Justin Barbera will most likely post a testimonial that adequately reflects my feelings and response to his company and crew's (Billy and Andrew) performance. Overall, I'd say that Justin did a fantastic job arriving on time as scheduled to make his initial estimate and evaluation and set the bar high for the remainder of the job. He and his crew were knowledgeable and diligent. They took their time but worked efficiently. They explained the process but never talked down or at me. They bought quality materials but never gouged me with a large mark-up or cut any corners. Having a formerly leaking roof repaired permanently to the degree of even being upgraded was a blessing. His crew is head and shoulders above any other who I've ever met with, employed or even entertained. I left a 4 star rating because there is always room for improvement. – Ron


"I had an excellent experience with Justin Barbera general contractor after the 2 blizzards. Jason trimmed down my trees and removed one very, very quickly and efficiently and provided exceptional service." – Anonymous


"Hi. I am Sharon Hughes and I woke up the night before a major snow storm and had a leak at the back of my house at 2:30 in the morning. I went online and found Justin Barbera, I called him, he answered the call and I was able to be comfortable and get back to sleep. He came out the next morning took care of the problem, he showed me a video of what he did. It was incredible and it put my mind at ease and I recommend him for hire." – Sharon Hughes


"Hi. I am Wayne from Medford, I had Justin come out to take care of a really large dead tree here in Medford with tight quarters. He did a great job with it, he seems to be like a tree expert when it comes to this part of the business. I got him here now to do a couple of more tree here but everything worked out well it was a challenge, it’s a long job and everything came out well." - Wayne


"When a yankee gutter failed during a rainy Nor'easter, bringing water down through the interior walls of two floors and basement, I called Justin to see if he could stop the water flow before significant damage occurred. Justin arrived within a few hours (on the weekend) and plugged the gutter downspout on the roof to divert the water to other downspouts. This stopped the water and prevented significantly more damage from the heavy rains that followed. I appreciate Justin's willingness to help and his courage to climb up on a roof during strong, gusty winds. I've now contracted with Justin to carry out the repairs necessary to the gutter and interior walls of the house.‎" - Luke


"I am glad I found Justin. Not only does he return calls and show up at the promised date and time (which seems to be a rare trait in this area), the professionalism and pride he takes in his work is apparent. I highly recommend Justin Barbera for many home repair projects.‎" - Joe


"As many homeowner have experienced, it's a daunting task to find good, reliable, trustworthy home improvement contractors. Many of us know someone or have experienced the frustrations of dealing with incompetent or unscrupulous contractors. Justin R. Barbera and his professional team are not only licenced experienced professionals but they are true to their word. If they say that they will be there on an assigned day, you can rest assured that they will be there. A contractor who possesses the characteristics of integrity, reliability, and excellent craftsmanship are hard to find. That's why I don't hesitate to recommend Justin R. Barbera for your home improvement needs.‎" - Gregory Weiss, NJ


"I used Justin R. Barbera General Contracting to repair and replace my columns and trim on my new home. Even though its new, the craftsmanship was second class causing me to replace many of the problems.  I never worried about the craftsmanship with using Justin R Barbera.  The work was top quality and done promptly.  In my business you need to be the best to win.  Justin R. Barbera General Contracting is a winning name.  We trust him, and so should you." - Derian Hatcher, #2 of the Philadelphia Flyers